The Business Magazine for Bakery & Confectionery Industry in India

Editorial Profile
» Up-to-date news & views from the industry
» Latest trends that effects the industry
» Business information based on industry feedback
» Marketing aspects to enhance business & profits
» Discussion on effective techniques, equipments, products & Supplies

Readers Profile
» 70% Bakery Owners / Directors / CEO
» 30% Executive Pastry Chef / Pastry Chef / Senior Sous Chef- Patisserie

The Reach
» 50% in Commercial - Standalone / Chain Bakeries
» 10% Gourmet Bakeries in Hotels
» 05% in In-Store Bakeries
» 05% in Fast Food Restaurants / QSR’s
» 05% to Gourmet Chocolates Co.’s
» 03% in Industrial Bakeries
» 03% in Snack Food Industry
» 02% in Milling Industry
» 05% in Dairy Industry
» 05% in Food Retail
» 04% in Food / Bakery Ingredients Industry
» 03% to Suppliers

Schedule of Issues
The material deadline is 15th day of second month
An overview
The changing scenario of India economically and socially has left an everlasting set of changes that has transformed the trends being followed nation wide. The most significant of them all is the appreciation of the wide spectrum of the bakery & confectionery industry. With the Indian going globe trotting and returning home with the international recipes vying for their palates, the race has just began.
Bakery Review presents the trends and the changes undergoing the bakery & confectionery industry in present day India. Much awaited information flow exclusively for the baker’s is the hallmark of Bakery Review. New products are entering the market on a regular basis and technological up gradation is taking place frequently. Bakery Review keeps professionals abreast with the latest development in the market place.

Editorial Focus
The magazine covers from milling to the loaf on the shelf at the bakery, confectionery, chocolate, snack food with special emphasis on technology, recipes, ingredients, equipments, new trends and the superstars that make it happen. It focus on new products, developments and launches. Latest news, features, business stories and technical know how from the world of bakery is provided as the hands on information.
The magazine discusses new products, launches and the variables influencing their use for prototype recipes, for the bakery market. Partnering with vendors, the magazine informs the target audience of new develoments thus saving valuable time and money.
The magazine also elaborates on the tenacious adherence to strict quality specifications and correct usage of ingredients in production for a successful bakery business.

The circulation of “Bakery Review” offers maximum qualified respondents with highest volumes of purchases. The qualified recipients are individuals who have titles of Executive Pastry Chef, Pastry Chef, Senior Sous Chef – Patisserie, and Owners of Bakeries.

The magazine has pan-India presence and reaches 8,500+ key decision makers in Bakeries - Commercial / Institutional / Industrial, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Dairy, Milling, Food Retail Stores, Importers & Distributors in more than 417 cities across India.

Cost Effective
The magazine helps in reaching a focused audience without any diffused cost, in the most economical manner. It also helps in reaching new markets.

Individuals or concerns advertising their products/services in the magazines agree to indemnify and protect Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd. from any claim or expense resulting from the unauthorised use of name, photograph, sketch or words protected by copyright, registered trademark, labels, civil right or otherwise, etc, in connection with their advertisment. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisment which he feels is not in keeping with the publication’s standards.
Publisher is not liable for delays in delivery and/ or non delivery in the event of natural disaster, riot, explosion, fire, govt. action, strikes,transportation interruption or any circumstances beyond the control of the publisher, effecting production or delivery in any manner.


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