Yum, it’s chocolate!
Chocolate is not just a delicacy that is enjoyed by children but by people of all ages. The most preferred cake today is believed to be chocolate cake. However, there seems to be a wrong concept that chocolates are harmful to your health. The truth is that they are beneficial. Ch... Read More
Oct - Nov 2019
Breakfast Cereals
Breakfast foods are undergoing a profound change due to paucity of time for the young generation as there is a tendency for nuclear families where both the family members are employed. This ... Read More
Bakery Trends for 2020
The well known bakery chefs voice their opinion on the key bakery trends that will rule in 2020. f r o m innovative, vegan and healthy offerings, the buzzword is going to be ‘sustainable s... Read More
Teeming with Health
Cranberries can be described as a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs or trailing vines, going up to 2 metres in length. Their height ranges between 5 to 20 centimetres. They belong to the subge... Read More
Opening a successful Bakery Outlet
In India lately bakery business has gained immense popularity. Bakeries are even becoming popular hot spots for the young generation. The Waffle joint, Dough Nut Shop, Cakes & Pastry Shop or... Read More
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