Sneaking Healthy Ingredients Into Cookies

Cookies have always been one of the most preferred sweet treats for most consumers, along with being the ideal go-to snack for working professionals. However, in the recent past, a number of them have been prioritising health and wellness amidst their busy lifestyle, and have thus been switching to healthy convenience food.

Cookies are an integral part of this healthy and quick food space, which has also significantly contributed to the growth of this market. Considering the lack of time that consumers deal with these days to prepare sumptuous meals and avail the required nutrition, cookies serve as a great source of the same with added convenience.

The best part about healthy cookies is the diverse forms that they are available in that include — low-sugar, high-fibre, breakfast biscuits, vegan cookies, keto cookies, and many more, which have further fuelled the demand for the market. Moreover, with the consistent increase in the disposable income of consumers, and several high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in the market, premium cookies with the aim of an improved lifestyle are also generating massive demand as ‘functional food products’.

This change in the preferences of consumers has changed the approach of manufacturers too, with a number of them entering the healthy snacks space, which includes nutritious and filling cookies that are low on calories. A majority of these manufacturers is prioritising the high level of protein in these cookies, as consumers are increasingly driven to protein-rich products to achieve their desired level of fitness. Milk-proteins in particular, are preferred in healthy cookies by manufacturers and consumers alike for being rich in essential micronutrients like calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium.

There are various healthy cookie brands available in the market today that offer these much-required nutrients, while also satiating hunger pangs of consumers. Fat is one of the key ingredients in cookies, owing to which, specialty fat manufacturing companies offer several added attributes like multi-purpose, aerated, less than 1% trans-fat, reduced mixing time, and enhanced creaming abilities. This leads to better volume, along with light and crisp cookie creations, with an enhanced flavour. Such products help in enhancing the taste and nutritional content of the cookies, while keeping a count on the calories, as well.

Researchers have predicted that this market is expected to grow further over the next few years, with an improvement in distribution channels and cost efficiency of healthy cookies comprising functional properties. As a healthy lifestyle is a key requirement of consumers today, and with manufacturers customising cookies to cater to their needs, a bright future for this sector lies ahead.

The author is VP - Sales and Marketing at AAK Kamani

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