Bakery Trends for 2020

The well known bakery chefs voice their opinion on the key bakery trends that will rule in 2020. f r o m innovative, vegan and healthy offerings, the buzzword is going to be ‘sustainable solutions’. Well, the forthcoming year will see a dynamic approach by bakery experts as they are ready to come out of their “comfort zone” and present unique concepts and ideas. Ideas which have a story to tell, ideas which create a sensation in the social world and ideas which keep pace with the modern sustainable environment going strong. 

Top 5 Bakery Trends to watch out for in 2020

Vipin Kumar, Pastry Chef, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla

You are what you eat! - Keeping this in mind, the dessert trends in the year 2020 will revolve around the changing lifestyle of our guests, especially millennial.

Less Sugar, Less Guilt - Mindful eating would be the new mantra for the people, hence our regular sweetening agents such as sugar and maple syrup would find alternates in the form of alternative ingredients such as fruits, sweet potato, coconut and many more.

Greater Transparency - The guests will definitely seek a greater level of transparency f r o m the brands they would make a purchase. They would want to learn about the journey of production right f r o m farm to table in order to ensure that they know what they eat and how their choices are affecting environment at a larger level.

Year of Experiments - Last year was all about desserts with a hint of nostalgia. 2020 will all be about never heard before concepts and super instagram worthy creations. Get ready for vegan ice creams, nude cakes, alcohol infused sweets, pandan scented desserts, Asian flavoured delicacies and much more!

Wedding Bakery - DIY dessert kiosks, hot chocolate & churros stations, Macaron and Cup Cake Towers, 3D Cakes, Ornamental designs, alcohol infused bites and what not? Wedding Bakery counters would be totally an instagram affair this year.

Asian Flavours - f r o m the last two years, Matcha has ruled the scene when it comes to Asian desserts. This year will witness a rise in experimentation with Asian ingredients such as glutinous rice, red beans, mocha, pandan and much more.

Chef Nayindra Chetry, Pastry Chef, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center

Crafty - Consumers crave for innovation; I personally believe that craft is art that helps you bring your idea to life. The most important aspect for me is when you put something in such a way that it stands out with its uniqueness, but at the same time maintains its original taste.

Freshness - Freshness defines the consumer’s perception of quality, scent, baking time, short self- life, looks and crunchiness. Each of these plays a key role in determining products freshness. For this, consumers make use of all their senses - smell, sight and touch all at the same time.

Ethical food choice - Consumers increasingly want to make ethical food choices, because it is believed that, “You are what you eat”. They also believe that food shouldn’t just be for themselves, but also for the planet and for the future generations all together.

Taste - Be it buying a loaf of bread, a pastry or even a chocolate, taste is a very important factor for the consumers. Customers like both traditional & exotic flavours that contribute to their tasting experience. The textures in particular, have become a key component here.

Fusion Food - Craft is all about food with a human touch that showcases their love for the product and craft, while also sharing their heritage & traditions. The products that are available in the market are also modified with the same local ingredients, to give a larger variety for the customers. This too adds to their shopping experience, making it even more visually appealing and tasty.
Chef Joginder Singh, Executive Pastry Chef at Conrad Pune

Pink Chocolate (Ruby Chocolate) - The arrival of the ruby chocolate KitKat is giving a new way to get creative with the pastries and desserts. This pink chocolate is said to be less sweet than milk and has a kick of berry flavour. Even better, it’s pretty in pink!

 Cakes with Edible Art - Cakes with hand-painted designs are also becoming quite the hit. Now we acknowledge that this might just need a little more talent and greater attention to detail. After all, hand-painted cakes are absolutely unique and no two will ever be exactly the same!   
New Flours - Alternative flours have become more mainstream as more people try trendy diets that reject wheat flour like going gluten free or paleo, and as consumers try to “boost their bake” with more protein and fiber. There will be more interesting fruit and vegetable flours.

Healthy Desserts - Gluten-free desserts are the riot today across the world with an increasing number of people turning to diets. So, whether it is dairy-free desserts or sorbets, people are quite conscious of the gluten levels that they are consuming. Also, keto baking is making space in baking trends. While making keto bread or other baked recipes, the wheat is substituted with ingredients that are low in carbohydrates.

Reinvented Classics - Will see a shift towards “back to basics” style baking, where prioritizing high quality ingredients is more important than fussy, multi-step recipes. It’s about letting simple cakes, loaves and muffins speak for themselves as bakers develop a greater appreciation of the flavour and texture that come with choosing high quality ingredients.
Adnaan Shaikh, Pastry Chef, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

Visual Appeal - Due to rising use of social media globally, it has become mandatory for bakery products to focus on appearance and plating in addition to the overall taste. It is very essential f r o m the business perspective as well as social marketing of the bakery product.

New Flours - In my opinion, there should be an introduction of different flours made f r o m ancient grains to the bakery. There are a few rising stars in the mix too - f r o m fruit and vegetable flours like cauliflower, coconut and banana to a wide variety of nut and seed blends.

Innovative Sweeteners - Bakers can look beyond the standard sweeteners of sugar, stevia, maple syrup, and honey and explore other sources like pomegranate, monk fruit, dates and coconut.

Heritage Narrative - Bakery products should have a traditional influence that highlights the chef’s culture and relate to a story behind every product.

Infusions - There should be more of hybrid flavours and infusion with the traditional bakery product to give it a modern touch, for example, flavors can be infused using herbs, flowers, different types of teas, coffees and various spices.

Key Focus Areas in Bakery for 2020

Vipin Kumar, Pastry Chef, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla

My three focus areas would be: 

Creating healthier recipes right f r o m the ingredients to the sweetening and dressing agents used.

Innovation with the desserts not only in terms of ingredients but also presentation. We want to create instagram worthy desserts which has a ‘love at first sight’ appeal.

Experiments with Asian flavours and create some ‘Super’ Desserts for our guests which will be novel to taste as well. 

Chef Nayindra Chetry, Pastry Chef, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center

Healthy Food - Food plays a really important role in terms of energy and health. As consumers constantly strive towards a healthier lifestyle, food is becoming more and more important today. Consumers across the world are placing more and more importance on what they eat. Along with this, their expectations towards their health and the food they consume just keeps growing.

Crafty Food - Consumers are happy to pay a premium price for baked goods that meet or exceed their expectations. One of the values that justifies a higher price is craft: food with a human touch that showcases the artisan’s love for the product.

Know Customer needs - Investing heavily in detailed consumer insights can help business-to-business companies become even more successful. If you want to innovate and differentiate yourself in the market, there is nothing more important than understanding consumer trends and the evolution of consumer behavior.

Chef Joginder Singh, Executive Pastry Chef at Conrad Pune

Focus on nutrition and healthy Bakery products - People are trying to live healthier lives, and this is having a huge impact throughout the entire food industry. Given this trend, baked foods should be one of the most challenged segments of the bakery market, since many of common ingredients used in these items are being avoided by health-conscious consumers wary of carbohydrates and sugar. The bread category is a great example of this trend. Consumers are moving away f r o m traditional packaged leavened white bread. Also people are looking for gluten free, lactose free options.

Continued growth for vegan options - The number of vegan dishes appearing on menus increased with the trend set to rise further in next year. Vegan dishes have started to appear across all meal times for both savoury and sweet options.

Design your own bread - A new bakery concept in which consumers can design their own perfect bread by choosing their favourite dough-mix or adding extra ingredients like nuts, fruits or herbs. The baker then bakes this, so the customer can take home his very own freshly baked bread.

Adnaan Shaikh, Pastry Chef, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

Tailor-made breads and desserts- customized breads and desserts according to customer’s dietary requirements and taste preferences, especially in cases of gluten free, diary free and vegan.

Healthy bakery products- focus on products using healthy alternatives to regular refined flour and other low fat options.
Presentation and appeal- every product should be appealing to the eye, and I would recommend the use of natural and organic coloring using fruits and nuts to do so.  

What would be more visible in Bakery in 2020 

Vipin Kumar, Pastry Chef, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla

I would personally want to recreate quintessential and iconic recipes with new flours. This would be unique as well as adventurous at the same time. I am very excited to try fruit and vegetable flours - cauliflower, banana, coconut along with nuts and seed blends. These ‘super’ flours will add great amount of fiber and protein to the baked desserts. Hopefully, others will experiment with alternative ingredients too.

Chef Nayindra Chetry, Pastry Chef, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center

Educate consumers - There are some consumers who lack the fact-based knowledge that they need to make good food choices. Limited consumer knowledge combined with a pessimistic outlook on the future and a rise of non-experts spreading their opinion on how to live healthy, makes consumers susceptible to food myths. These myths can become so big that they have the power to make or break a product, brand or even a category. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to educate the public on the true benefits of our industry’s gems.

To Conclude 

Overall, it is important for the players to look for healthy, innovative, ‘out of the box’ bakery offerings. The interplay of these factors will ensure the industry at large to sustain the growth momentum in 2020.

Vipin Kumar, Pastry Chef, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla

2020 will be known for mindful eating and healthier choices. So, nutty grain based desserts, miniature samplers, desserts made with natural ingredients will rule the charts. Wedding Bakery stations would see lot of innovations with concepts such as DIY stations, macaron towers, ornamental cakes, hot chocolate kiosks, miniatures bites, healthy parfaits, alcohol infused recipes and much more.

Similarly, the trends that will witness an exit would be –Desserts with artificial colours, sugar and maple syrup based offerings and the regular three tier wedding cakes.

Chef Nayindra Chetry, Pastry Chef, Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center

Nowadays, people really want to live a healthier life. Thus, food like cream cakes, butter cream cakes, and many such fatty products and artificial food colour will be out. The main focus of the customers will then be healthy, tasty, and flavourful food.

Adnaan Shaikh, Pastry Chef, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

I feel due to the ever growing progress of technology and innovative cooking methods, old style baking would be out, therefore bringing in more alternatives and new trends in recipes.

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