Customising Bakery
Indian bakery industry is considered to be one of the largest sections of the Indian processed food industry. Its main components are biscuits, bread, cakes and cookies. But biting into the same shaped and identical tasting products becomes tedious particularly in this age when t... Read More
Feb-Mar 2019
Business Opportunities in QSR’s
Food industry has been booming in recent times. One of the factors responsible for this is the rising disposable income of the middle class which, according to NRAI, is expected to rise to R... Read More
Home Baked Goods
Bakery businesses have grown tremendously over the last few years, though it has been around for awhile. Traditional bakers have been offering standard products like cakes, pastry, biscuits ... Read More
Challenges Facing India’s Bakery Industry
Even as the multi-billion dollar bakery industry in India is slated to record a healthy growth rate over the next five years, the industry is facing challenges of getting skilled workforce t... Read More
Breaking Fast in Post-Modern India
The role of breakfast in our daily routine cannot be overstated. It is perhaps the most important of all meals; a hearty breakfast can greatly facilitate to give a good and cheerful start to... Read More
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