The Trend of Customised Cakes
Mention of cakes would make most dessert lovers drool. But talk of customised cakes and you can not only whet up the appetite of an individual but also her/his fantasy. Ashok Malkani tries to find out when the customised cake craze took hold of the gentry, the labour of love that... Read More
Feb - Mar 18
Packaged Opportunities
With the rising demand for bakery products in India, the packaging of bakery products offers attractive opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs to venture in to. Ashok Malkani analyses ... Read More
Prevailing Industry Trends
Bakery products have received immense popularity in the present day urban India. From cakes to croissants, baked products have become a favourite of people from all age groups, in urban Indi... Read More
The Essentials in Baking Process
we often use the term baking, but what exactly does baking mean? The skilled art of turning the ingredients of water, flour, yeast, and salt into edible products is known as baking. In baker... Read More
Bakery Needs Hygiene
Running a bakery unit is a creative and challenging business, whether be it a stand-alone bakery, a retail bakery chain, or industrial bakery operations for that matter. However, in this fea... Read More
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