Summer Desserts to Beat the Heat
Summer is the season when your entire concept of desserts takes a new twist. Favourites like Chocolate and Strawberry Cakes, or Mint Oreo Cake or even Indian desserts like Gulab Jamun and Gajar Ka Halwa are turned a blind eye to, and the preferred ones become ice creams or fluids... Read More
Apr-May 19
Bakery Ingredients Market Growth
The Indian bakery industry has been growing at a rapid pace due to the busy lifestyles, changing eating habits and western influence, particularly among the millennial.... Read More
Gelling with Gelatin
Gelatin – a fairly old ingredient for setting many items and cooking is also spelt as gelatine and originates from the French term, gélatine. It is a transluscent brittle substance, colo... Read More
Nuts in Baking
Cakes are soft and spongy and often have the various creams and chocolates – well, ordinary cakes that is. When you chop and use candied and/or dried fruits, nuts and spices you come up wi... Read More
Say Cheese to Mozzarella
With the opening up of the economy and the influence of globalisation, international cuisines have fast made their forays not only in Indian restaurants but also across Indian homes. It is n... Read More
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