Committed to Quality

Amol Thorat has been working at DoubleTree by Hilton Pune-Chinchwad as a Chef de Partie for the past two years. He has been working in the hotel industry for the past six years.

He has worked with brands/hotels such as JW Marriott, Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa and Holiday Inn Pune Hinjewadi, to name a few. At DoubleTree by Hilton Pune-Chinchwad, he is running the bakery kitchen. His strength lies in his exceptional skills in chocolate making. The excerpts of the interview follow:


What is/are the current trend/s in the Indian bakery industry?

The latest trend that I have come across in the Indian bakery industry is that nowadays people are calorie conscious and keep a check on their sugar consumption. Bakery Chefs are now trying to create desserts that are in-line with the customers’ requirements. The low calorie desserts are in demand with the customers in today’s time.


How did you become a Pastry Chef? You were interested in it or entered the profession by default?

I have been interested in the bakery industry ever since I began my education in hotel management. Since my college days, I have been very passionate about desserts and their recipes; I was collecting recipes and studying about the history of desserts.


Who are your idols, that is who all have inspired you?

There have been so many Chefs who have inspired me. Here are a few of them - Chef Vikas Bagul, Chef Christophe Michalak and the renowned Pastry Chef, Antonio Bachour.


What are your hot selling bakery items? 

The two hottest selling bakery items in our repertoire would be our classic Red Velvet Cake and our Espresso Frozen Bomb.


What about the health quotient? How do you take care of that aspect?

With so many customers being health conscious, we offer a variety of healthy options including sugar-free desserts, dairy-free desserts, gluten-free bread and desserts.


What is your favorite tool and why it is so?

My favourite tool is my paring knife; I cannot function without this tool in my daily operations.


What are the challenges a Bakery Chef in India has to face in his/her job?

A Bakery Chef faces multiple challenges in his/her day to day job. Few of the issues include spoilage of imported ingredients from time to time, difficulty in acquiring a large quantity of imported ingredients from local vendors and lastly a fluctuating demand for bakery products.


What do you like about your job?

What I like about my job is that I am learning something new almost every minute of every day in this job.


What you don’t like about your job?

The one thing that I would say that I dislike about my job are last minute orders. Being a perfectionist, I would like to ensure that quality products are being delivered to guests and to do so we require a stipulated period of time to deliver a high quality product.


What is your strength as a Bakery Chef?

I would say that my strongest professional attribute is being able to work well with the team


What is your working philosophy?

I always believe in team work and in ensuring that I maintain the quality of the products that are being delivered to our guests.


What are you passionate about besides baking?

Apart from baking, I enjoy reading about other Chefs and their success stories.


How do you like to de-stress?

I unwind by listening to music.


Lastly, what is your mantra for success?

Whatever you are doing, do it from your heart.  


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